2022 Prophetic Dream

Dear Saints,

Happy 2022 to each one of you! We are coming off of an absolutely incredible New Year’s Conference here at The Altar Global headquarters in Concord, NC. As individuals and families gathered from all over the United States, we saw such an incredible prophetic anointing released along with breakthrough, deliverance, and refreshing. We are so encouraged by what God is doing in our midst and what He is also saying to the body of Christ in this season. Please visit our youtube channel for any messages and conferences that you might miss and want to stay actively updated with us,

I would like to share a very urgent and significant dream I recently received that I believe requires quite a bit of prayer, fasting, and discussion. I reached out to several spiritual mentors of mine with a serious burden from the Lord and just to be cautious who then agreed that this visitation from the Lord needs to be shared publicly. I am choosing to release it now with great sobriety, hope, and intercession.

The Prophetic Dream

On January 1, 2022 I had a prophetic dream where I found myself in a room of a high stakes poker tournament. The date 2022 was very visible in the room with a special emphasis on the last “2”. The way that I read it in the dream was 2020 x 2.

At the table was a key American political figure and five well known ministers. I noticed there was also one seat at the table with no one sitting there.

The last hand was dealt and the political leader had two Aces or what can be known as “pocket rockets”. He immediately went all in (he wagered all his poker chips on his cards) without looking up. One by one, all of the famous pastors folded their cards and walked out.

As they walked out, in walked a man who had the empty seat at the table. I did not recognize him but noticed he was wearing a t-shirt that said, “Remnant”. He sat down and pushed all his chips toward the political leader who was shocked he had sat down and had a seat at the table.

They both flipped over their cards. The political figure had (2) Aces and the unknown remnant person had a “full house” and won. Suddenly, a lion came into the room and devoured the political leader..

Upon waking up, the Holy Spirit said to me,

“2022 will appear to be like 2020 in many ways. Fear over the virus and economic concerns will abound. Many churches and ministries will continue to “fold” and bow down to intimidation, political correctness, and hidden agendas. However, it will be the “full house” of the remnant that gathers, the unknowns at the table who will push back against the plans of the enemy to mimic and copy 2020. You must call
the “bluff” and move forward with courage and confidence.”

Further Interpretation

From this prophetic dream and encounter on January 1st, I am convinced that 2022 is going to have the feel of 2020, especially in the early part of this year. God said, “Fear over the virus and economic concerns will abound”. As many people struggle with sickness and fear again in 2022, there is going to be another attempt by the enemy and a political spirit to intimidate churches and pastors, causing them to fold. Do not be surprised if churches, conferences, and corporate gatherings start being canceled, shut down, or pushed back, just like they were in early 2020.

In the midst of the fear and intimidation, God wants to encourage His remnant that a full house is the only hand that has the power to overthrow the plans of the enemy. 2022 is not the year to isolate, be divisive, and allow the enemy to create a vacuum in the spirit just like he did in 2020. We need saints and leaders with boldness and courage to call the bluff of the enemy in 2022 and not give in to fear and panic over the virus and economic uncertainty. Unity, humility, and purity are going to be so key this year for the remnant of God. Houses and gatherings full of prayer, unity, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit must be a primary focus this year.

If you feel prompted to share this prophetic dream I had on January 1 with ministry leaders and friends, please feel free to forward them this email.

Upcoming Travel and ASM

Quickly looking toward the rest of January, we are just two weeks away from the start of our Spring Semester on January 18, 2022 at The Altar School of Ministry. We have such a tremendous student body along with powerful guest instructors such as Corey Russell, Sean Smith, and Bill Wiese along with a faculty that is absolutely committed to raising up end-time messengers in every sphere of society. If you have not heard, we are still taking new students this Spring semester both in person at our headquarters and online from anywhere in the world. For more information or to apply, please visit: www.thealtar.school

I will be ministering all over the United States in 2022 and also currently praying about invitations to Brazil and the UK this year. Here is my upcoming travel itinerary if you would like to join me at any of these locations:

January 9   Lima First Assembly of God Lima, OH

January 16  Redemption to the Nations Church Chattanooga, TN

January 29   The Altar Global Headquarters Concord, NC

February 18 Raw Gathering  Lynbrook, NY

February 19-20 Dwelling Place International Cleveland, TN

February 26 The Altar Global Headquarters Concord, NC

February 27 North Georgia Revival Dawsonville, GA

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Marked for Eternity,