I write today with such an excitement and expectation in my spirit for what God is going to do this weekend in Greenville, SC. In case you haven’t heard the news, we are hosting our first national Altar gathering with an incredible line up of speakers and worship leaders.

Saints and leaders have now registered to attend in person from more than 27 states in the USA and many more will gather online to participate in what God is saying to America and the nations of the earth. Our conference theme is “marked for eternity” and we are seriously praying and believing that those in attendance and those watching online will be radically impacted by the messages, worship, and spiritual atmosphere that is created.

If you are still interested in attending in person and sense the prompting of the Holy Spirit to come, there are still seats available thanks to a large venue. You can click here now to reserve your spot: If you cannot make the trip to be with us this weekend, you can watch each session live by going to “The Altar Global” YouTube channel and clicking subscribe. You will then be notified each time the service starts. You can also watch at your leisure more than 150 messages that I have preached from all over the world!

It’s important to understand that Jesus Christ mentioned “eternal rewards” fifty times in the four gospels. Yes, I said 50 times! Hebrews 11 says that God rewards those who diligently seek Him. I believe we are about to witness a generation in the earth be marked for eternity like never before. Many might be asking, “What exactly does that mean or look like?” I personally have an idea that I will be sharing at the last session on Saturday night June 12th, but I’m certain that we will all know much more concerning this incredible subject after hearing what God is saying to each of our speakers and revealing through the worship this weekend. Whether you join us in person or watch online, I invite you to join us in prayer that God would have His way in our midst.

Marked for Eternity,