An Encouraging Update

Dear Saints,

I have just returned from an incredible time of ministry in Chattanooga, TN at Redemption to the Nations Church. I preached a prophetic message I recently received in a dream called, “Exposing Vulture Culture”. You can watch the replay of the sermon here now.

During altar ministry, a handful of people manifested demons with loud screaming, snarling, hissing, and violent shaking. By God’s grace I cast the devils out and the individuals got totally set free. God also had so many prophetic words and several significant physical healings for His people. I am rejoicing at all the Holy Spirit is doing in our midst through the Altar Global. I so feel and appreciate all the prayers and support that our ministry partners and friends continue to give us each week. Thank you so much!

I am currently preparing for our first Altar weekend of 2022 here at our headquarters in Concord, NC. If you are unaware, we host meetings one weekend a month to help facilitate what God is calling us to do in the Carolina’s. We have about 20 seats remaining if you would like to attend. People from all over the United States fly and drive to these meetings every month. Our emphasis in January is “deliverance in the last days”. I have a tremendous burden to teach the body of Christ how to cast out devils and walk in the freedom that the blood of Jesus provides. You can grab one of the last spots here.

Next week, I will be heading to Dallas, TX to be interviewed on Daystar Television concerning my new book, “The Altar: Preparing for the Return of Jesus Christ”. Please keep this tremendous opportunity in prayer as millions around the world will have the chance to hear the gospel and Second Coming of Christ!

For those interested in my February travel schedule, here is where I will be ministering:

February 2 – Open Door Church in Burleson, TX

February 18 – The Raw Gathering in Lynbrook, NY

February 19 – Dwelling Place International in Cleveland, TN

February 20 – Dwelling Place International in Cleveland, TN

February 26 – The Altar Headquarters in Concord, NC

February 27 – The North Georgia Revival in Dawsonville, GA

I pray over everyone who is sick in your body that the Lord Jesus would touch you right now and bring healing. I pray for those who cannot make ends meet that God would bring financial provision this week. For those who are grieving over broken family relationships- may reconciliation be released in Jesus name.

God bless you and I look forward to writing you next week!