Dear Saints,

I am so excited to announce that our second national Altar conference will be Sept 16-18, 2021, at Christ Fellowship Church in Dawsonville, GA.  If you have not heard, this location is the home of the North Georgia Revival where they have seen over 20,000 people baptized and thousands of confirmed miracles. The speakers that will be joining us this year include Daniel Kolenda, Corey Russell, Brian Guerin, Billy Humphrey, and Torrey Harper with worship being led by Laura Hackett Park and the Altar Global worship team.


We are calling this Altar conference, FRIENDS OF THE BRIDEGROOM, knowing that God is raising up men and women in the same spirit as John the Baptist to prepare the way for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ These individuals are burning and shining lamps in the midst of a dark and perverse culture.

We are expecting a great crowd in September. Our last Altar conference in June had over 25 states represented in attendance. Please be aware that seating is limited and registration is filling up fast every week.

I hope to see you at the FRIENDS OF THE BRIDEGROOM conference. Here are three reasons why I think anyone that can should attend.

  1. The revival atmosphere at this location is absolutely spectacular. I am not kidding! You must come see it for yourself. There is no telling what God is about to do in our midst.
  2. The dates September 16-18th were given to me by God and fall on Yom Kippur weekend on the Jewish calendar. This is significant as we believe we are moving with God’s divine timing which will always produce the most fruit.
  3. The speakers and worship team have all been anointed by the Lord for the end times. They carry a true burden for the harvest and the need for the global Church to have oil in her lamps for when the Bridegroom returns. You will leave challenged and empowered!

Please pray with me now about attending what I believe is going to be one of the most significant weekends of 2021 for us all!

A friend of the Bridegroom,



Our mission according to Revelation 22:17 is to help prepare the Bride of Christ for the return of our glorious Bridegroom King Jesus. We have been instructed to prepare an Altar for the Wedding day.

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