Calling Forth Lovers of the Truth

Greetings Saints,

I have been meditating on Malachi 3:16 for most of 2022. It says, “Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another, and the Lord listened attentively and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the Lord and esteem His name.”

What has been stirring and striking my heart so deeply is the phrase, “those who feared the Lord spoke to one another.  I love truth, but I recognize that one of the greatest needs in the earth today is communities of believers who speak the truth to one another. As Ephesians 5:10 says, “we’re all trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.”

One of the greatest challenges we’re experiencing in our day and age is that many who love the truth are not connected on a relational level to other like-minded believers. Sure, we might be able to connect to some on the internet, but I constantly receive hundreds of messages from distraught Christians who cannot find any churches or ministries in their region that are speaking/living out the truth of the gospel. There is a clear longing in the earth for more relational gatherings where those who fear the Lord can interact/relate to one another.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Jesus is that He never sacrificed truth for popularity. The test of biblical discipleship is whether we will bow to God’s truth or hold on to our own thoughts and feelings. How we relate to Jesus’ words determine whether or not we’re His disciples (John 8:30-47).

It is out of this significant burden that I would like to personally invite you to join us for our annual Partner’s Retreat from March 24-26 here at our headquarters in Concord, NC. Our special guest for this year is Bill Wiese, who is one of the strongest voices of truth in the earth today. Bill is a New York Times best-selling author for his book, “23 Minutes in Hell.” Bill and his dear wife will be spending a weekend with us that I believe will be truly unforgettable. We will have times of worship, prophetic ministry, pure teaching from the Word of God, and building relationship with one another in an atmosphere of truth.

If you’re one of our precious partners from around the world and would like to join us, you can register here.

If you’re currently not a partner of our ministry and would like to join our family so that you can attend this gathering- you can sign up here and then register for our retreat.

My wife and I are greatly looking forward to this special time of refreshing, impartation, relationship building, and more! Please prayerfully consider marking these dates out on your calendar and joining us for a powerful weekend in the presence of God. I look forward to personally meeting you at our Retreat and writing to you again next week!

Marked for Eternity,