On Father’s Day Weekend of 2021, the Spirit of God visited me in an extraordinary way through a series of prophetic dreams where I received several very detailed and lengthy night visions of what apostolic ministry can and will look like over the next several decades. I do not personally claim to be an apostle, rather I know one of my assignments which is and has been for more than a decade to be a prophetic voice to apostles. My prayer is that what the Holy Spirit revealed to me concerning apostolic ministry in the years ahead might bring confirmation, enlightenment, and encouragement to many. May Jesus Christ be glorified!

The Five Apostolic Highlights

In the series of prophetic dreams, I was escorted by the Holy Spirit to cities all over the world. He made it very clear to me that what He is highlighting in apostolic ministry is not bound to a geographic location. I specifically remember visiting Dallas, TX, NYC, the UK, Australia, China, and many other nations. In every place we visited, I saw the phrase, “Apostolic Hubs” on signposts wherever I looked. The Holy Spirit took issue time and time again with the religious use of the word “church” that I understood in the dream had greatly grieved Him. From His perspective, “apostolic hub” was much more of a necessary and accurate description of what was taking place AND allowed Him to move more freely rather than labeling the gathering of people as a “church”.

As we traveled around to these “apostolic hubs” in the earth, the Holy Spirit began to highlight five specific aspects of apostolic ministry that He is breathing on now and in the years ahead. They are:

  1. Apostles and Team Ministry
  2. Apostles of Deliverance
  3. Apostles of Prayer
  4. Apostles of the Crucified Christ
  5. Apostles of the Fatherhood of God

Apostles and Team Ministry

  1. God began to show me His desire to join apostles and prophets together around the globe. I specifically saw apostles with blueprints from Above who are lacking the breath of God upon what they are doing because they are not actively laboring with prophets who are called to prophesy the word of the Lord to them. Prophets are called to be a blessing to apostles and help them from becoming too rigid, legalistic, and authoritarian regarding wineskins.
  2. I saw apostles gathering companies of young apostles and discipling them in the ways and mysteries of Christ. A divine exchange among generations will take place that will release authentic power and authority.
  3. I saw a massive geographic shift take place in the earth where a number of apostles who have labored alone or have been misunderstood for years are going to transition to a new field (location) where they will labor alongside other five-fold ministers. As they move into these territories and come alongside other established works, these “churches” will look less and less traditional and more New Testament in DNA and expression in the years ahead (apostolic hubs).

Apostles of Deliverance

  1. The Holy Spirit said to me that He is raising up apostles in the earth who are going to specialize and emphasize the casting out of devils. He showed me His grief regarding this lack of what He said was “an absolutely necessary kingdom of God expression”.
  2. I saw an unusual fire and zeal overtake many apostles in the years ahead. This passion will cause apostles of deliverance to team up and hold outdoor gatherings in tents, stadiums, parks, and even in the streets to demonstrate the power of God.
  3. I was also allowed to peer into the cloud of witnesses and saw Lester Sumrall and Derek Prince. They had specific prayer assignments to apostles of deliverance that they might teach and instruct with sound doctrine and true holy living.
  4. I finally saw a mocking, religious spirit assigned to attack apostles of deliverance. This thorn in the flesh is a harassing spirit from Christians that needs deliverance themselves. A spirit of humility and love are the keys to defeating this spirit’s grip.

Apostles of Prayer

  1. The Holy Spirit began to show me a realm of legislation through intercession in the years ahead that will have crippling effects on demonic strongholds and regional principalities. Look for the apostles of deliverance and apostles of prayer to partner together to release simultaneous mass deliverance and a serious spirit of travail upon the saints.
  2. The Holy Spirit shared with me His desire to release spiritual language all across the earth that has never been heard before. There will be a tremendous increase of the baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of tongues in the years ahead. Messages and songs in tongues will break out in corporate gatherings on an unprecedented level. Astounding salvations will take place as individuals hear their own language from strangers of a different ethnicity.
  3. I saw “schools of prayer” emerge all over the earth. Literal discipling of people into a lifestyle of prayer and fasting will be a hallmark of many apostles of prayer in the days ahead
  4. The power and anointing of Pentecost is going to rest on several apostles of prayer in the next several decades. These men and women are going to be distributors of the glory of God. They have specifically been assigned to denominations and will be holy wrecking balls to the status quo.

Apostles of the Crucified Christ

  1. The Holy Spirit showed me a tremendous shift in apostolic ministry in the years ahead that will involve house to house gatherings that will recapture the organic nature of the New Testament Church. These apostles have absolutely no interest in trying to reform the existing structure of church in their city and region.
  2. The Holy Spirit also showed me many apostles who are currently referred to as “pastor” of their church that have allowed themselves to wear a religious garment that they can no longer wear. In the years ahead, many apostles are going to totally shift the infrastructure of their churches to take the focus and dependence off of themselves and truly equip saints for the work of the ministry. Look for them to shift everything from service schedules to what days of the week they are going to meet.
  3. I saw a tremendous emphasis in apostolic ministry in the years on the crucified life of Christ and embracing His humanity before ever walking in divinity. Entire communities of believers across the globe are going to be established on the cross of Christ and many will find true joy there that they could never find for years attending traditional church. Fathering, Mothering, and Family are going to be a key emphasis in these gatherings.

Apostles of the Fatherhood of God

  1. I was made aware by the Holy Spirit how deeply grieved He is concerning the religious theatrics and performance in much of what we call the “church today”. I saw thousands and thousands of individuals that had attended church their whole life who from heaven’s perspective were religious orphans.
  2. I saw apostles of the fatherhood of God emerging all over the earth who will encourage, comfort, and speak to the wounds that religion has brought to many generations. They will minister on sonship and adoption with such clarity and potency that it will dismantle the fear and religious control that many Christians have only known their entire life.
  3. Where these apostles of the fatherhood of God minister, they will reproduce after their own kind. An entire new breed of Christian will be born and reborn in the earth in the years ahead that will never know what religious fear, manipulation, and orphanhood is all about. This promise will be what will keep these apostles encouraged over the years so they do not forget their labor of love is not in vain.

I have journaled and stewarded this visitation from the Holy Spirit concerning apostolic ministry on Father’s Day weekend to the best of my abilities. I remind us that all prophecy must be tested and judged (1 Cor 14:29). I therefore openly invite leaders and saints in the body of Christ to weigh this visitation against the written Word of God and His character and nature. My intent in publishing this encounter is not that it would become an authority on apostolic ministry but rather serve as a blueprint and prayer agenda for us all in the days ahead.

In His Service,