Dear Saints,

In last week’s blog, I invited you to pray and join us online for our first ever national Altar conference in Greenville, SC. Sensing that God wanted to do something spectacular in our midst, I am truly without words concerning what took place last weekend. Hundreds gathered in person from 27 states and thousands joined us on the livestream for what many said was, “The greatest corporate gathering they have ever attended”. Allen Hood spoke at our first session on Thursday Night and attended the conference the following day. Here was his published feedback online from the opening night,

The Marked for Eternity Conference began with just what it conveys. From the first worship song, weeping began to emerge in the room as we began to sing about heaven and God’s holiness. I honestly don’t know how or when the session ended. It ended for me when I laid my head on the pillow in my hotel with feelings of underserved gratitude and whispers of longing to return His immense love with mine. I don’t know if anyone else was marked, but the preacher was undone!”

A woman who attended the conference emailed us and said, “Every message was so deep, profound, and timely. I am undone! I am left with eager expectation for what God will do in our hearts next.”

Another man wrote in and said, “I have never been to a conference before and felt so convicted about the need to love my spouse and family more. Thank you!”

I had the privilege of speaking at the final session of the conference and encouraged us that our destiny is not to derive our spiritual life from conferences but being marked for eternity is truly stewarding our marriages, families, and the mundane in a way that pleases God. For the altar call, I invited all those with an urgent financial need to come forward. Rather than just praying for them, I asked those in the crowd to ask God which person they could come forward and bless. What occurred next was supernatural! Hundreds of people came forward and began giving money to those in need. One woman testified that her rent was covered for three months and she was given a vehicle that she desperately needed! This was all a spontaneous move of the Holy Spirit in our midst that bore tremendous fruit. An older woman cried out, “This is the kingdom of God! I have never seen such a spontaneously display of God’s kindness in 77 years of life!”

As you can imagine, our Altar Global Team is still reeling from all that God has done. Testimonies from the conference are still coming in. Individuals are still being stirred to give financially into what took place and the future. If you missed any of the conference sessions, please go to our YouTube channel to watch all the replays for yourself.

And if you have not heard the exciting news… We are thrilled to announce that registration for our next national Altar conference is NOW OPEN! Make plans today to join us on Yom Kippur weekend (September 16-18) or what we believe is going to be a historic weekend of saints and leaders convening from around the globe. Seating is limited so make sure to reserve your seat today!

Marked for Eternity,