There is a deep and renewed cry inside my own heart in this season for authentic and pure prophetic ministry. With so much disappointment surrounding the prophetic in this hour, I have found myself searching God’s Word like never before for answers in my own life and ministry as well as for those I constantly meet who have legitimate questions and concerns surrounding modern day prophetic ministry.

Recently, I was speaking with Dr. Michael Brown and we were sharing our hearts and shared burden for the cleansing and purification of prophetic ministry. Dr. Brown has some extremely rare and profound biblical insight into prophetic ministry that has been a great refreshing to my soul and many others in the body of Christ.

On top of the stirring that we are both experiencing regarding the prophetic, our ministries are also being flooded with emails ranging from downright outrage toward prophets and the prophetic movement to some that are more hungry for the genuine prophetic than ever before.

As we spoke on the phone the other day, I told Dr. Brown that we needed to do more than just talk about the challenges of modern day prophetic ministry. I felt we were to partner together as a team and offer a one-time only six-week LIVE event here at The Altar Global Headquarters in Concord, NC.

With Dr. Brown’s expertise in the Word of God and revival background, plus my prophetic experiences coupled with even mistakes I have made, I believe we can help many who are asking questions and searching for answers regarding prophetic ministry. To those who are already operating in the prophetic, I also believe this six week intensive will also sharpen and challenge your gift and calling.

Classes will be held every Tuesday Night from 6:30-8 pm EST on June 22nd through July 27th. Due to building capacity and local restrictions, seating is VERY limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis only to those who register.

During these six weeks, here are the subjects we plan on addressing and teaching through:

– Foundations for Prophetic Ministry: What is the key groundwork that needs to be laid in order to participate in Prophetic Ministry… and why many prophets today fall short if not careful.

– Called, Commissioned, and Compelled: What does the Bible say about Prophets who are called in their specific gifting to proclaim what they hear to the world… and when they are to release a word given to them.

– Identifying True and False Prophets: How to identify the legitimate prophets of our time, as well as those who fall short of authenticity according to the Word.

– Differences Between OT and NT Prophetic Ministry: If God does not change: “For I the Lord do not change…” Malachi 3:6, then what is the difference between Old Testament prophesy and New Testament prophesy, and how does it change our view of a word released today versus in the past?

– The Prophet as Intercessor: One of the roles of the Prophet is to intercede for whatever the Holy Spirit places on them. How does this role effect the decision to release a Word, and how much time and effort should go in to interceding.

– The Burden of the Word of the Lord: What does the Word of God say about the office of the Prophet, and their responsibility to uphold right-standing in that position.

– …and so much more!

For those that are not able to attend the intensive in person, we will also be offering a special livestream version where you can watch the entire six weeks online LIVE with us and catch the replay at any time.

Dr. Michael Brown and I so appreciate your prayers and support as we seek to revisit according to the Scriptures, what authentic prophetic ministry truly is and why the testimony of Jesus is an absolute necessity in this generation. We cannot wait to see what God does in our midst next month!

To register for the limited seating in person at The Altar Global Headquarters in Concord, NC, click here.

To join us via livestream, click here.

Marked for Eternity,