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Becoming a partner of The Altar Global is far more than sowing a financial seed…it’s joining a movement of Christians who share a common urgency and desire for the return of Jesus Christ and the preparation of the Bride for that glorious day. 

In 2020, Jeremiah Johnson received a dream from The Lord to move his entire family to Charlotte, NC (the Queen City) and build an Altar to prepare the bride of Christ for His great return, as well as a school to equip more end-time messengers on carrying the same vision.

Since then our team has been planning, praying, building, and sowing into this goal for the preparation of the bride. We’ve already started holding local Altar Services here in Charlotte, NC that has been met with great excitement for the vision and mandate that we’re carrying. Construction has begun for our new building and the School, as well as our Altar Global offices… but we cannot do this alone, nor do we want to.

We’re seeking those who God has called to lock-arms with us in this Biblical vision and pray that when the day comes for Christ to return—He will find his Bride spotless, set apart, and Holy.

 As a thank you for becoming a monthly partner you will receive:

– 15% off all of our existing and future resources (including books and e-courses) PLUS 15% off tuition at The Altar School of Ministry

– VIP seating at all national ‘The Altar Global‘ events (3 times/year) and access to a partner-only meet-and-greet

– Access to partner-only monthly calls with Jeremiah Johnson so you can be the ‘first to know’ everything happening with The Altar Global

In addition to these benefits, you’ll have the joy of knowing that your gift will be going towards expanding the kingdom of God and equipping the Saints for His return.

Become a partner, today!


Jeremiah received a word from the Lord to end all of the JJM social media platforms and focus on this one thing: Preparing a spotless bride for the return of Christ.
You can become a partner of The Altar Global for as little as $25/mo, but you can choose any amount greater than $25/mo.
Your partnership allows The Altar Global to:

  • Build a national hub dedicated to the raising up of end-time messengers.
  • Host local and national Altar gatherings that facilitate encountering Jesus as the Bridegroom King.
  • Develop resources that help equip the bride in her preparation for His return.
Your partnership will carry over to The Altar Global, and you will receive all of the new benefits! Keep an eye out for some important updates regarding some of the changes.
The Altar School of Ministry is a place of learning where students will discover the keys to carrying the burden and vision of end-time messengers. Students will be equipped to carry the fire of God wherever they go, spreading the message of a coming Christ.
BOTH! We will be holding online classes as well as in-person classes once the school is up and running in August of 2021.
Become a partner, today!

3D Renderings of the NEW Altar Global facility/school: