The Altar Global is 100% supported by our monthly partners who lock arms with this movement by giving a recurring gift of $25/month or more. Through the generosity of our monthly partners, we’re able to prepare the bride of Christ in these last days through local/national Altar gatherings, the Altar School of Ministry (ASM), various media resources, and the establishing of churches/missional outreaches all around the world.


The Altar Global is a movement of Christians who share a common urgency and desire for the return of Jesus Christ and the preparation of the Bride for that glorious Day. We have been instructed by the Lord to build a Wedding Altar in preparation for His return and are fulfilling this mandate through five main avenues.

Core Values:

  1. Bridal Revival
    • Jesus Christ is coming back for a Bride in revival who longs for His appearing (Matthew 25).
    • The Altar Global is facilitating this reality through our local/national Altar gatherings that are igniting hearts, marriages, and families with the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.
  1. End-Time Messengers
    • We train/equip messengers with God’s eternal storyline and release them to impact their sphere of influence with the gospel of Jesus Christ (John 3).
    • The Altar Global is fulfilling this mandate through our Altar School of Ministry (ASM), a one-year program that is calling forth a generation of forerunners to prepare the earth for the second coming of Jesus Christ by being mobilized into the harvest fields of work, marriage, and family.
  1. Harvest of Souls
    • The earth has never been more ripe for an end-time harvest and this generation must be reached with the eternal realities of heaven and hell (Matthew 28).
    • The Altar Global is reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ through our local/national Altar gatherings that are being broadcast for free all around the world. We receive testimonies on a daily basis from individuals both in the United States and abroad whose lives have been transformed as a result of what the Lord is doing through the Altar Global.
  1. Marriage and Family
    • One of the primary ways we ready ourselves for the second coming of Christ is by loving one another as Jesus loved the church (Ephesians 5). We believe that godly marriages/families are God’s primary vehicle in seeing sustained revival impact our culture today.
    • The Altar Global is helping establish godly marriages/families through several of our media resources that equip the masses with practical tools on how to build a family altar to the Lord.
  1. Salvation of Israel
    • Israel is a central theme of God’s eternal storyline found all through the Bible (Isaiah 19).
    • The Altar Global is contending for the salvation of Israel through weekly prayer sets and financially supporting ministries/missionaries that are reaching the Jewish people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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