A Prophetic Warning Regarding Offense

Dear Saints,

My heart continues to receive great strength and courage during these turbulent times in the earth from reading the Word of God. Rather than depending upon conferences, dreams, visions, or spiritual experiences, it is imperative that we learn to feast upon the Bible as our source of life. I encourage you to specifically read Matthew 24-25, Luke 21, and the book of Revelation during this season.

Recently, God has been speaking to me regarding “offense” and how it will be one of Satan’s main strategies to distract the Bride from pressing into new levels of hunger and glory in the last days. Jesus said in Matthew 24:10 &12, “And at that time many will fall away and will deliver up one another and hate one another. And because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.” We need to be on guard in all of our relationships, whether that is family, work, or church, that we do not give the devil a foothold. Please take this warning from the Word of God to heart and shut the door to offense.

If you have the time, I would highly encourage you to listen to this message that I preached in California called, “Living Free from Offense.” Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to quicken you to ANY root of bitterness, anger, or strife that you may have in your relationships. You can listen to this message here.

Due to the tremendous interest that was shown last week in my two most recent books, “Houses of Glory” and “The Altar: Preparing for the Return of Jesus Christ,” the production team here has decided to extend the offer on these two best-selling books if you did not have the opportunity to purchase them yet. God is releasing language to His Bride on the drastic shifts that are taking place in His Church and how we can prepare for His second coming. You can click here to take advantage of this special offer.

My wife and I are very excited about our annual Partner’s Retreat taking place next week (March 24-26) right here at our headquarters in Concord, NC. Saints and leaders from around the United States will be gathering together for a powerful time of community building, worship, prophetic ministry, and teaching/impartation from myself and our special guest, Bill Wiese. I truly believe that this time together is going to make an eternal impact in the lives of our partner family! If you’re an Altar Global partner and are sensing that the Holy Spirit is drawing you to come, make plans to join us now as we have a handful of seats remaining. If you’re not an Altar Global partner but would like to join us at this year’s retreat, prayerfully consider locking arms with us as we help prepare the Bride in these last days for the coming of Her Bridegroom King. You can register for the Retreat here.

I look forward to writing to you again next week with a great report and a word of encouragement.

Marked for Eternity,