Celebrity Christianity Exposed

Dear Saints,

On March 18, 2020, I had an open vision while I was preaching that rocked me to the core. At this point in time, I had never had this type of an encounter while in the middle of ministering on a completely different subject. In this vision, I saw a huge gavel in a courtroom slam on a desk and it thundered around the world. I saw it specifically strike the states of Tennessee, Georgia, California, and Florida. The Holy Spirit interrupted my message and I prophesied the following to those present:

“I am releasing judgment upon the American church because of her pulpit idolatries and the hirelings who have filled My house. For even now, I am stripping them of their wealth, titles, and desires to be worshipped. Many churches and hirelings in the USA will never recover after the virus has lifted because of My judgment. For I will expose the false prophets and priests in the land who feed themselves and not My sheep. Oh, how My heart breaks for the lost sheep in America who are not being taught how to feed upon My word and worship Me. Rather, they’re being falsely deceived into man worship, which is idolatry. Repent of celebrity Christianity and recognize the window of time I have now opened for a divine reset in the American Church, says the Lord.”

I recorded this prophecy and much more in my book, “Houses of Glory,” which was published in early 2021. You can click here to get your copy.

For anyone who has never heard this prophecy before or for those who have received similar things from the Lord in prayer, I want to say again with sobriety and tears that we’re in desperate need of change in the body of Christ. Man-made church empires will continue to fall. Many churches and well-known Christian celebrity preachers will be exposed for sexual immorality, drunkenness, and more. We have not seen anything yet! There is going to be an unprecedented level of trauma, distrust, and pain inflicted upon this generation of church goers that will be unparalleled. The worship of platforms and ministers has become a stench in God’s nostrils. He made a divine decree during the pandemic that will not be reversed.

This exposure and judgment on “celebrity Christianty” will bring great devestation on those who are deceived/blinded by pride and arrogance. There is a new breed of leader arising in the body of Christ that will be mantled with both humility and brokenness, along with being highly relational. This new breed of leader will value healthy marriage, family, and servanthood over building their own brand and platform. These individuals will be a great refreshing to those who have been hurt and disillusioned by the church.

House churches and outdoor evangelistic gatherings are going to explode in this new era. We’re absolutely called to honor the grace and gifting God has placed upon leaders, but we must never worship them and commit ministry idolatry again.

May God comfort those who are grieving and traumatized by all the church leaders falling and ministry brands being exposed.

May God also release fresh hope, vision, and anoint a new breed of leaders in the earth today. The need has never been greater.

Marked for Eternity,