It has been over one month since I deleted all my personal social media accounts and also had our media team delete our “Jeremiah Johnson Ministries” accounts on Facebook and Instagram. These radical choices in March have caused various reactions in the body of Christ including several national news stories that convinced many I actually quit the ministry altogether and got a secular job. Over the last thirty days, some of my scheduled speaking engagements for 2021 have now been canceled by church and conference hosts.  Awkward silence seems to be the hallmark of many long-time friendships I have had in the kingdom of God for more than a decade.

In the midst of all this change and uncertainty, I have also had numerous seasoned men and women who have been serving God for decades that I have never met, reach out to me with some of the kindest and most generous encouragement and advice I have ever received. R.T. Kendall and Mike Bickle are two men that I am very grateful to have had new contact with in this difficult transitional season.

I admit that being totally offline these days is a completely new experience for me. Rather than scroll social media, keep up with the news, or catch up with friends on messenger etc, I have found myself in what I am calling a completely different “room”. Now feeling deeply disconnected from the ministry world that I traveled in and out of for over ten years because I am no longer online, I have had some significant and necessary time to process my journey in the prophetic and where I believe God is taking me in the future.

Before I share more about this new “room” I have found myself in, let me clear up one primary rumor that seems to be constantly circulating the body of Christ:

RUMOR: Jeremiah Johnson quit the ministry.

TRUTH: I did not quit the ministry.

Let me explain…

In March, God clearly asked me to shut down “Jeremiah Johnson Ministries” and stop much of the prophetic commentary I had been providing on current and political events. To be frank, many of these prophetic words were going viral and being shared tens of thousands of times online. During the 2020 election season, JJM was gaining constant national and international attention because I was continuing to release prophetic words concerning Covid 19, politics, and the media. News agencies, television interviews, and event invites were knocking at my door everywhere I turned.

Over time, I believe this became a HUGE DISTRACTION to the prophetic call on my life and unfortunately I didn’t even realize it! I was blinded and desperately needed divine intervention. Missing the prophecy concerning Donald Trump’s re-election in November and the ensuing fallout in the newspapers and with many in the body of Christ was God’s gracious way of humbling me, disciplining me, and ultimately rescuing me out of a room and path that I do not believe was His will for my life. Through many tears and long nights, I have sincerely asked God to forgive the pollution and mixture I allowed in my life as I grew in popularity over the years in the charismatic and prophetic movement.

I actually cannot express how grateful I am for what has transpired over the last several months. Yes, it has been extremely painful and honestly very embarrassing at times, but I am now filled with more joy and resolve than I have had in many years.

The New Room

The new room that I have found myself in this new season since being offline and shutting down “Jeremiah Johnson Ministries” is simply what I will call the “throne room”. My sole focus and attention is now on the One who sits on THE THRONE and falling more in love with Him than ever before. The twenty four elders, the four living creatures, and the seraphim are totally obsessed with the beauty of the Son of Man. He is glorious, matchless, and unrivaled in power and splendor. The more I focus my attention upon Him and His desire to prepare a Bride for His return, the more I discover a purified hunger for His presence growing on the inside of me. In fact, I am experiencing a total lack of desire for things that just two months ago would have totally captured my interest. Is there really anything better than gazing on God and becoming like the One we are called to behold?

More than a man or a ministry, I am convinced that God is after a movement of Christians in the earth who share a common urgency and desire for the return of Jesus Christ and the preparation of the Bride for that glorious day. That movement is now called, “The Altar Global”. We are currently hosting monthly meetings in Charlotte, NC where there is no prophetic commentary on political and current events but rather a lovesickness for Jesus that is captivating the audience.

We are preparing to host several national gatherings every year where we will invite the nation to partake of this mandate God has given us in this new season. ( For more information on Marked for Eternity Conference, click here). In addition to this, we are launching a one year school of ministry called, “The Altar” where we are training marketplace leaders and everyday individuals how to manifest Christ in their homes and at their workplace. ( For more information on our upcoming open house (click here) or school schedule (click here).)

If it took rumors, being publicly humiliated, and ridiculed for giving an inaccurate prophecy and apologizing to get me to where I am today- I accept it as God’s kindness towards me. I am more alert, joyful, and have a cleaner conscience toward God and others than at any other time in my life. I am more hungry to preach the Cross and the power of the resurrection than I have words to express.

At the end of the day, human laws and political parties can never change sinful human hearts. Only the gospel and the power of God hold the keys to the destiny of any nation. We indeed are in a deep crisis in America and the nations of the earth. I’m convinced Jesus Christ is coming back for a bride in revival and we must give ourselves to snatching as many souls out of hell as we can while eternity’s clock continues to tick.

It is my personal prayer in closing that just as God mercifully took me out of one room and placed me in another, may He grant you clarity for the new season that He has for you as well. There is grace for distraction, the busyness of life, and the hatred and divisiveness that often times dominates social media platforms.

Jesus Christ is going to win the beauty contest in these last days. In an age where so many things and individuals are vying for our attention and affection, may we look at HIM with fresh eyes once again. Many tears and a heart bowed low will be our portion.

Marked for Eternity,