During the darkest and most turbulent days in Israel’s history, God raised up consecrated individuals like Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptist to shake His People out of complacency and confront idolatry in the land. These men were known as “Nazarites” because of their radical devotion to Yahweh. Their commitment to deny themselves the legitimate pleasures of this life so that they might experience a greater measure of satisfaction in God set them apart from the rest of their generations.

A radical consecration born out of encountering the jealous love of God in the same spirit of the Nazarites is our only hope in this current hour. The lack of demonstrations of the power of God in the Church now is directly linked to our lack of consecration. God is going to pour out His Spirit without measure to a Consecrated Bride who chooses to live outside the spiritual mixtures of this world.

Consecration is not Legalism

Do not be surprised, however, when many in the Church begin to label the call to consecration as legalism simply because they have never encountered the true power and deliverance that the love of Christ brings. The answer to a compromised world is a Consecrated Bride filled with fiery love for her Bridegroom King. The call to consecration was also despised and rejected in the days of Amos.

He records the attack: “I also raised up prophets from among your sons and Nazarites from among your men. But you made the Nazarites drink wine and commanded the prophets not to prophesy” (Amos 2:11–13).

God’s people demanded that the prophet Isaiah “stop confronting us with the Holy One of Israel!” (Isaiah 30:11).

One of the primary reasons why the Consecrated Bride will be attacked and persecuted is because of the lukewarmness She will expose in the carnal church. Her passion, devotion, and love will challenge the status quo and continually call the saints into deeper encounters of intimacy with their Bridegroom King.

We must be on the lookout for targeted attacks against individuals and churches full of love and passion for Jesus. The joy they find in Jesus and the sacrifices they are willing to make out of their devotion to Him will generate jealousy, insecurity, and accusation in those whose walks are less committed.

A Warning to the Consecrated Bride

I cannot overemphasize that being a Consecrated Bride is more than maintaining an outward appearance of purity and devotion. The Nazarites of old grew their hair long to represent their inward devotion to God, but the Consecrated Bride of today and the future will be known by Her inward-burning heart. Nothing less than intimate encounter with Jesus Christ consecrates these ones and compels them to make significant sacrifices for the kingdom of God.

Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer warns the Bride of what could happen if She focuses on outward behavior modification instead of inviting the Spirit of God to change her first on the inside: “The danger of Nazarite consecration is to be holy on the outside, but inwardly carry a hard and self-righteous heart that hides behind the mask of righteousness and impressive outward actions that disguise a bankrupt soul.”

“Only the fire of inward intimacy, the filling of the Holy Spirit along with continuously receiving God’s mercy and delight for us, even when we fail, can deliver us from the Pharisaical heart. Nazarites who are not living in intimacy with the Lord also face the danger of self-righteousness when they rejoice in their commitment to Jesus and not in Jesus Himself.”

What areas in your life does God want to consecrate? If you have submitted to Jesus in certain areas, have you become arrogant or self-righteous about them? A beautiful consecrated Bride is emerging in the earth that is lovesick for Jesus Christ. Let the fellowship of the burning hearts arise!

Marked for Eternity,