On June 25, 2020, Robert Redfield, Director of Disease Control said, “We have all done the best we can do to tackle this virus, but the reality is that it has brought the nations to their knees.” I have never witnessed so much confusion, shock, fear, and uncertainty in all my life. However, my greatest surprise and heartache in the midst of the pandemic has actually come concerning the body of Christ. It appears that we, the global Church, have also been brought to our knees as the barrage of deception, division, and conspiracy theories have increased at an unprecedented level. The need for truth, sobriety, and biblical theology regarding the house of God and the end times has never been greater.

The global shaking happening in our world today is seriously revealing our foundations in the Church. The torrent of spiritual and physical storms that are crashing upon the shores of America and other nations are simply exposing the type of house we have chosen to build in the Church and even our personal lives. We must remember that one of the outstanding biblical principles that Jesus taught in Matthew 9 was that He will not fill what He Himself has not formed. He will not put new wine into old wineskins (see Mark 2:22). In other words, are we crying out for God to fill up a last-days wineskin in the Church that He actually has no interest in filling, and is COVID-19 making that answer very clear? The disillusionment, questions, and opinions surrounding where the global Church goes from here are astounding.

One night as I was preaching during the pandemic, I received a shocking open vision and was startled by what God said and revealed to me in that moment. He began.

I am releasing judgment upon the Church because of her pulpit idolatries and the hirelings who have filled My house. For even now, I am stripping them of their wealth, titles, and desires to be worshiped. Many churches and hirelings will never recover after the virus has lifted because of My judgment. For I will expose the false prophets and priests in the land who feed themselves and not My sheep. Oh, how My heart breaks for the lost sheep who are not being taught how to feed on My word and worship Me. Rather, they are being falsely deceived into man worship, which is idolatry. Repent of celebrity Christianity and recognize the window of time I have now opened for a divine reset in the global Church, says the Lord.

I want to be very clear and make sure the reader does not misunderstand this encounter. God did not say that COVID-19 is judgment upon the global Church. Rather, He is communicating to us that during the time of the pandemic, He is releasing a cleansing judgment upon His house that is intended to prepare us for one of the greatest outpourings of the Holy Spirit that we have ever witnessed. It is vital that we recognize prophetically that the coronavirus has given the global Church a divine opportunity to shift and make very significant changes as we enter the new era in the global Church.

From a redemptive perspective, what if COVID-19 has helped to facilitate a desperately needed divine reset in the global Church? What if in the time of silence (quarantine) God is seeking the spiritually violent? What if it’s time to get back to prayer and the Word of God and put all our church growth textbooks and ideologies back on the shelf? What if crisis is actually creating the correct climate in the earth for the end-time Church to arise with glory and splendor? The tares are being separated from the wheat in this time of harvest and we must seek to build God’s house His way with greater intentionality than ever before. We must love the truth at all costs and not get swept away in end-time deception. Will the Surrendered Church emerge like I saw in my dream? What might the role of apostles and prophets be in the divine reset?

I believe a fresh generation of young and old trailblazers are being called forth right now. It’s time for the firebrands to arise and begin to build a house of glory for the Lord. These vessels of honor aren’t rising to establish a “new normal” but rather they will restore the ancient foundations that Jeremiah and Isaiah saw. Holiness and the fear of the Lord still matter. Revival is going to come to many lost young people who are being positioned for a divine encounter from above.

These pioneers will build according to the pattern that Paul and the apostles received from Jesus Christ Himself. It’s time to look toward the future with the hope and confidence that can only be found in Jesus’s promise when He said, “I will build My Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (see Matt. 16:18). Our Bridegroom King seeks a glorious and spotless Bride who is geared for emergency. A remnant is rising who will not run away from the coming battle lines but rather run straight for them. To the true Church of Jesus Christ—this is your finest hour. Now is the time to arise and shine, not run and hide. You were born for such a time as this. If your heart is hungry for an apostolic blueprint and prophetic strategies concerning houses of glory that will thrive in the midst of global crisis, purchase your copy of my brand new book now: Houses of Glory | Prophetic Strategies For Entering The New Era

Marked for Eternity,