I received a prophetic dream some time ago where I went to a large stadium full of youth and young adults. They were gathered there seeking direction, affirmation, and encouragement from the Father. As I watched them cry out to God, I saw lips from heaven come down and kiss the masses. Liquid honey drenched the entire crowd gathered there.

God immediately spoke to me in the dream and said, “I am kissing My Bride with brokenness in this hour. This is a most precious gift that I am giving her. Religion has taught the people to hide and mask brokenness, but where My Spirit is allowed to move freely, brokenness is embraced and welcomed. Brokenness is the alabaster box that I am worthy of and I am asking this next generation to come now and lay down at My feet. I see many pretty alabaster boxes, but not many that have allowed me to break them.”

As the liquid honey began to drench the entire crowd gathered there, many in the stadium were visibly upset and began washing the honey off of themselves very quickly. I asked the Holy Spirit what was happening as I felt immense grief come over me in the dream. He said to me, “So many in this generation are seeking promotion and influence, but they do not understand that the place of divine validation is in the wilderness, not on a platform. They are ready to stand up and preach, when I am calling them to learn how to pray and lead from their knees. Beware of the voices in this generation that will stroke the carnality of man by promising fame, riches, and greatness. Watch for those who will call this generation to the secret place where I will mantle them with a spirit of brokenness and humility like never before. The higher the calling and grace, the deeper the crushing will be. To those who refuse the kiss of brokenness, they will walk with human ambition and call it vision from Above and they will run and prophesy when I have not spoken to them.”

Upon waking up from this prophetic dream, it became very clear to me through prayer that God was highlighting two specific groups:


The first group were those who would quickly wash the honey off of themselves and reject God’s kiss of brokenness. The Spirit said in the dream, “To those who refuse the kiss of brokenness, they will walk with human ambition and call it vision from Above and they will run and prophesy when I have not spoken to them.” He also said, “So many in this generation are seeking promotion and influence when I am calling them to the wilderness. Beware of the voices who are promising fame, riches, and greatness.”

As God is trying to kiss this generation with brokenness, desiring to address issues of pride, selfish ambition, and a love for platforms and microphones, there will be voices that will actually encourage this deception. They will promise popularity and greatness and lead many astray. We must allow God to expose the intentions and attitudes of so many hearts that are pursuing “ministry” when they should be pursuing devotion with Jesus more than anything else.


The second group the Holy Spirit spoke about in the dream brings great joy to my heart! God is raising up broken mothers and fathers right now that will lead this young generation into the wilderness and establish their identity as the Beloved apart from all ministry! God is going to mantle these sons and daughters with a spirit of humility and brokenness like never before. Look for weeping messengers to be released upon this generation who will carry a special anointing for tears and brokenness.

Will we allow the Father to kiss us with brokenness in the secret place or will we continue to idolize platforms and popularity and fall into great deception in this generation?

Marked for Eternity,


Our mission according to Revelation 22:17 is to help prepare the Bride of Christ for the return of our glorious Bridegroom King Jesus. We have been instructed to prepare an Altar for the Wedding day.