The Clash at the Gates

Dear Saints,

I have just returned back at our headquarters here in North Carolina after a powerful weekend of ministry in New York & Tennessee. The two conferences that I spoke at were so impactful that I must share about what took place.

In New York, I spoke at “RAW 2022” to a room full of African American leaders and saints from around the nation. I was the only white person in the entire building and we were required to wear a mask the entire meeting unless preaching. I honestly had no idea what to expect and was a bit uncomfortable. Knowing that the Lord had clearly spoken to me that coming here was an assignment from Him kept me in His grace and peace.

Following my session, a woman named T. Renea Glenn got up and preached, prayed, and prophesied for almost 4 hours. We travailed, sang, shouted, danced, and pressed into the deep things of God in ways that I have not seen in the last 100 conferences I have ministered at without masks and restrictions.  There was no performance. The glory of God filled the sanctuary and I will never forget what I witnessed. These folks were as serious, on fire, and radical as I have ever been around in the 42 states and 20 nations I have preached in. I can still hear T. Renea Glenn singing and praying from a realm that was out of this world. Oh my! I saw an end-time army that I have dreamed of. ALL in masks and social distancing!

In Tennessee, I ministered for Judy Jacobs Tuttle and her husband, Jamie Tuttle, at Dwelling Place Church International. Many people are familiar with Judy Jacobs for singing, “Days of Elijah,” and various other songs over the years on Christian television and in large stadium gatherings. This couple and their family are such a blessing to the body of Christ!

At these meetings, many received salvation and personal prophetic ministry. I preached a message called, “The Clash at the Gates,” which I believe is a real word for God’s remnant. You can watch the message here.

I want to thank those of you who keep me covered in prayer every month as I continue to travel around the United States preaching the gospel and demonstrating the kingdom of God. As you read today, I am being sent by the Lord into many different environments and am learning so much. The Holy Spirit is pouring Himself out, regardless of what many would consider as “limitations.”

This weekend, we’re hosting our good friend, Corey Russell, at our monthly “Altar Charlotte” gathering. Our emphasis this month is on intercession and intimacy with the Lord. We have many that have registered from several different states around the nation and if you would like to grab one of the last remaining seats, you can do so here.

Please keep Ukraine in your prayers as the world looks on in horror at what Vladimir Putin is doing. We must lift up our Christian brothers and sisters in this great nation that are facing dire circumstances. I am specifically praying Psalm 22 and Psalm 91 over them.

God bless and I look forward to writing you again next week.

Marked for Eternity,